Personal Finance Portal

Giving you access to your finances 24/7.

A convenient way to view finances at the click of a button.
Up-to-date and easy to use.
Peace of mind that it’s completely secure.
Accessible document storage wherever and whenever you need to access it.
Gives you the option to see all of your advised and non-advised finances in one place.


We recognise that advances in technology mean our clients are increasingly choosing to interact with us across multiple channels; face to face, on the telephone and online. That’s why we have introduced our Personal Finance Portal, a revolutionary new app that enables you to see your complete financial picture in seconds at a time and place to suit you.

Peace of mind of

What’s more, everything is completely encrypted, meaning that you can communicate with us using the inbuilt messaging service safely and securely.

A convenient way
to view finances at
the click of a button

Accessible online 24/7 across desktops, laptops and mobile devices, Personal Finance Portal gives you access to your long- term savings and investment information in an easy to use, online format.

Accessible document
storage that’s
second to none

Your Personal Finance Portal allows you to house all your documents, both financial and personal, in a single online document vault that’s completely secure and fully backed up. It’s far more secure than keeping paper copies in your filing cabinet or in a computer file which can be hacked.

and easy
to use

Up to date and easy to use and balances are refreshed so the information displayed in your Personal Finance Portal will be up-to-date* and it’s displayed in a visually engaging way that’s really easy to understand. Because your Personal Finance Portal is cloud-based, getting up-to-date valuations becomes a breeze so you can always see how your investments are performing.

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May June 2023 Issue


May June 2023 Issue


May June 2023 Issue

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